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Custom Home Theater Installation

Every job includes integrating the TV to video components. We will program the cable or satellite remote to work the new TV. We train the customer on the use of their new system. We clean up and warrant the labor and provided materials for a full year. Does Custom Home Theater

We crawl through attics and subfloors to create breath taking home theaters with no wires showing!

We can provide equipment and labor to create an in home theater space with in-ceiling speakers, the latest surround sound receiver, and a hefty low end subwoofer. We focus on our customer’s needs and budgets. Please call us with the specifics of your project. We will help you decide on how to best accomplish your desire for a custom home theater.

Custom home theater projects are performed on an hourly basis:

$25 trip fee for service

$45 per half hour for a 2 man crew or

$55 per half hour for a 3 man crew

Most 5.1 systems with adequate attic and/or crawl space take between 4 and 6 hours to complete ($385-685).

We will site survey your space and equipment and mutually decide on the best installation. We will professionally install your equipment. We will test the system and show you how to work your new equipment. We have been showing non-techies how to operate their complicated systems for over six years!

We clean up and warrant the labor and provided materials for a full year.

Please call John for more information

In-Ceiling Home Theater System

Phenomenal and competitively priced system!

We have a very popular in-ceiling home theater system that sounds incredible and is very economical. It is comprised of the latest Onkyo receiver, Earthquake in-ceiling speakers and subwoofer, and a high end 3-way Jamo center channel. The center channel installs in the ceiling and angles towards the front of the room to project the sound at the listeners. This system is phenomenal and is priced very competitively:

In-ceiling surround sound equipment package:

  • Onkyo 608 7.1 Surround receiver
  • 2 Pair Earthquake CM8S
  • 1 Jamo 3 Way angle center channel
  • 1 8” 150 watt Earthquake sub 80

Equipment package: $1139 (plus tax on equipment)


Onkyo 608

Onkyo 608

It passes the HDMI 1.4 and has 6 HDMI inputs!


Earthquake 8” CM8S 300 watt speakers with positional tweeters: (2 Pair for L/R and Surround L/R)Eathquake 8" CM8S 300 watt speakers


Jamo Center channel: 3 Way angles toward frontJamo Center Channel Speaker


Earthquake sub 80

Earthquake sub 80


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